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Hidden Manna
April 01 ♫ I Cannot Tell Why (SDAH #255)
April 02 ♫ Medley: To God Be The Glory
April 03 ♫ Shepherd of Love (Russian Chorus)
April 04 ♫ Blessed Assurance (SDAH #462)
April 05 ♫ Oh! What A Beautiful City
April 06 ♫ We Will Serve Him
April 07 ♫ Nothing Between (SDAH #322)
April 08 ♫ Pass Me Not (SDAH #569)
April 09 ♫ Come Thou Fount (SDAH #334)
April 10 ♫ Give Me Jesus (SDAH #305)
April 11 ♫ The Lord's Prayer
April 12 ♫ Speak O Lord
April 13 ♫ Amazing Grace (SDAH #108)
April 14 ♫ He'll Find A Way
April 15 ♫ If My People Will Pray
April 16 ♫ Near The Cross (SDAH #312)
April 17 ♫ A Certain Refuge (Songify)
April 18 ♫ Strings of Brazil ascend
April 19 ♫ What A Friend (SDAH #499)
April 20 ♫ Whispering Hope
April 21 ♫ Lord, We Want To Know You
April 22 ♫ Be Still, My Soul (SDAH #461)
April 23 ♫ All To Jesus (SDAH #309)
April 24 ♫ If I Take The Wings
April 25 ♫ Victory In Jesus
April 26 ♫ Jesus Only Saviour
April 27 ♫ More About Jesus (SDAH #245)
April 28 ♫ Balm In Gilead (SDAH #475)
April 29 ♫ Stand On The Promises (SDAH #518)
April 30 ♫ The Old Rugged Cross (SDAH #159)
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Author: Selections from Wildwood Seventh-Day Adventists

                         & environs

Captain of the host: Jesus Christ

                Ransom and Reunion

"I will that they be with ME where I am,"
  Thus prayed our Lord before Gethsemane.
'Tis still the one great longing of His heart,
  'Tis still the burden of His earnest plea.

O let us feel the yearning love that seeks
  Reunion with the ones He counts most dear;
No longer loiter on the lighted way,
  Diverted by sin's favor or its fear.

The pain our sins have brought to His [own] heart,
  The separation which those sins have made,
All shall be ended as His precious blood
  Blots out all sin in those for whom He prayed.

      O shall His prayer be answered?
                 Yea. Amen.
           That we may be with Him
             [When] He comes again!  — W.D. Frazee
                  [PRAISE His Name]

            Sermon: H.Hendley 2-14-15

                PLAN OF SALVATION
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